“Roland Guerin, A Different World (Independent)” – Offbeat Magazine
“Performing in an array of settings, the New Orleans bassist has always displayed his versatility. Noted for his slap-bass technique on the upright, an old-school style that he modernized and made his own, Guerin is equally adept at adding punch and funk on the electric. […] For Guerin, A Different World doesn’t exist too far away from his jazz home. He isn’t swingin’ but he’s sure not smoothin’."
“Back To The Fest” – Offbeat Magazine
“When most bassists solo, they merely elaborate the supporting parts they usually play, not realizing how pointless those parts can be without something to support. Roland Guerin, by contrast, knows how to shift gears from comping to soloing. When Guerin joined pianist Marcus Roberts for an unaccompanied duet on Vernon Duke’s “I Can’t Get Started” at the Jazz Tent, for example, he stopped playing harmony and began playing melody. And what a strong melody it was, beginning in the crisply articulated original theme and then developing into smartly shaped variations.”
“Roland Guerin” – JazzTimes
“Dynamic Louisiana musician Roland Guerin is among a handful of musicians who've demonstrated remarkable prowess and prodigious technique on both acoustic and electric basses.”
“The Winds of the New Land by Roland Guerin” – Jazz Review
“On this new release composed completely by Roland we are thoroughly and completely taken over by a composer's efforts to create a literal piece of art. […] I believe that Roland Guerin is making a name for himself right next to the great Charles Mingus. I'm sure we will hear more from this talented musician / composer. I can't wait for Roland's next release!”