Bassist, singer, songwriter, Roland Guerin, has already made a formidable contribution to the world of music. From providing unique and melodic bass lines to dazzling audiences worldwide with his slap bass technique, Roland emerged in the forefront of the international jazz arena. With a new band and a new project entitled Grass Roots, Guerin integrates American folk melodies, blues, zydeco, African rhythms, and rock with jazz soloing and orchestral arrangements to create an entirely new and singular musical experience.


"Music to me has always been a way to tell stories, a way to reach people through melody, rhythm and sound with our tools of choice. There are many forms and styles of music from which we can choose to share our expression. My influences, teaching, mentoring and upbringing are the vehicles that have lead me to the point of not withholding anything from you, the audience, the listener. I'm influenced by popular songs of twenty, thirty, forty years ago and beyond. Songs were songs then and they were strong. They had meaning and they were sincere. In understanding many of the concepts, genres, and styles of music, I choose to bring to you a heartfelt, organic mixture of songs, telling stories that will hopefully speak to your hearts the same way they spoke to mine."

– Roland Guerin