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Louisiana Red Hot Records #28DayChallenge & Roland Guerin Single “28 Days” 
Inspired by Epidemiologist’s Universal Masking Plan 

New Orleans epidemiologist (and bass player) Dr. MarkAlain Déry shared his inspiration 
with Louisiana Red Hot Records for a 28 day universal masking plan to flatten 
COVID-19 rates, and got the #28DaysChallenge rolling. Fresh off a “Mask Up” Masks 
for America benefit single release with Dr. Déry and his station WHIV-FM, Louisiana 
Red Hot Records commissioned label artist Roland Guerin to write and produce single 
“28 Days” and accompanying lyric video to raise awareness for universal masking. 

28 Days went into wide release on November 6, and the #28DaysChallenge kicks off on 
December 1, leaving listeners time to share the song and spread the word. 


Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/28-days/1538067814?i=1538067815 
Bandcamp: https://louisianaredhotrecords.bandcamp.com/track/28-days 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5vvPz2etQXI8k3KCLNGYKl 

28 DAYS LYRIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Eq3GuaX17II 

Guerin was Allen Toussaint’s longtime bassist and Dr. John’s final music director, and he 
brings their spirit into “28 Days” — a song as hopeful as it is funky with musical nods to 
his mentors with inspiration from Prince. The #28DayChallenge international kickoff date 
is December 1, and all are invited to share the video and encourage universal masking 
to give us what we need to join the countries that have flattened COVID-19 rates. 

“When the pandemic hit, the first thing I did was figure out what to do to protect my 
family, friends and loved ones,” Guerin says. “Doing something that not only will help 
me, but by me doing it will help somebody else — this is important to me. And to think 
that if somebody else did the same thing, well, there's a certain vibration that's there 
that is very strong and resonates deep in my soul.” 

“This is the same kinda feeling that I got when writing the song "28 Days”. Coming up 
with a lyrical message with melody, harmony and a rhythmic vibration that will hopefully 
resonate with many people,” Guerin adds. 

“If everyone were to wear masks for 28 days, the rates of COVID-19 would decrease 
dramatically,” says infectious disease expert Dr. Déry, an international relief worker for 
decades. “Twenty-eight days are two cycles of the incubation period of the virus, which 
is 14 days. Along with other interventions such as social distancing and hand washing, 
everyone wearing masks daily for 28 days can potentially impact the pandemic by 
limiting transmission of the virus, and get us closer to a more normal pre-COVID life.” 


With a philosophy of doing the right thing at the right time through the arts, woman- 
owned and managed indie label Louisiana Red Hot Records ran a public health awareness campaign this summer with “Mask Up,” co-written and co-produced by Label 
Manager & A&R Head Lilli Lewis: http://www.louisianaredhotrecords.com/maskup. The 
video has already garnered over 10,000 views and features label artists including Erica 
Falls, Glen David Andrews, Kirk Joseph, Corey J the Rapper, Lewis and Guerin. 

The #28DayChallenge encourages everyone to spread the word that if we all mask 
together for two full cycles, we have a chance to knock the virus down. 

To get masks directly into hands you can contribute to Masks For America at: https:// 
. So far they have donated over 600,000 FDA-certified masks 
to frontline workers in the areas hardest hit by the pandemic — $6 covers 3 masks. 

“I've seen and experienced firsthand here, and from touring all over the world, people 
showing care on a day-to-day basis through masking,” Guerin said of why he was 
inspired to record 28 Days after hearing Dr Déry’s COVID-19 masking suggestion. 

The Red Hot label family of artists believes that music is the universal language that can 
spread the message to heal humanity, with 28 days of consistent masking. As the song 
says: #LetsDoThis.


— Roland Guerin

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